About Eagle Powersports

As a Navy veteran, I understand the value of hard work and loyalty. My customers know that I am a dependable and trustworthy resource in the community. That’s why I continue to sell to the same clientele year after year.

I have lived in Arizona for the past 24 years and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Not only do I understand the market in my area, but I also know motorcycles inside and out. I’ve been riding bikes since my pre-teens and it is in my blood.

In 2016, I began my business as a wholesale dealer. After much success, I decided it was time to transition into retail sales, which I recently did. I hope that together we can reduce the wasted cost of motorcycle purchases by learning to choose a quality pre-owned bike instead.

Our selection is unlike anything you are accustomed to. If we don’t have it, we can find it.

High-Quality Bike Selection for You

Most of our bikes come directly from dealers only auctions. Some of them are also bank repossessions. With these bikes, the bank financed the purchase, but the owner didn’t pay. Because of this, we are able to provide high-quality motorcycles with very little wear.

We take a lot of time hand-selecting the bikes we sell. Our team will only purchase bikes that have been taken care of and provide the best value to our riding enthusiasts. Occasionally, we also get a bike as a trade-in on a pre-owned motorcycle purchase.

Sometimes our bikes even have the remaining factory warranty included, which offers you further peace of mind. No matter where we source the bike from, we always do a comprehensive inspection. Once that’s complete, we ride the bike and deal with any issues we discover. We don’t expect you to be the guinea pig on the back of a used Harley.

Furthermore, our bikes always come with clean, clear titles, which not every dealer promises. We will not sell you a bike with a salvaged or rebuilt title, so you have no reason to worry.

It has been said, “There are two kinds of people. Harley owners and sad people.” Which one do you want to be? Eagle Powersports can increase your happiness level today!

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